Vasakhi, the formation of the Sikh Khalsa Army (Akaal Purkh Di Fauj)

On: 13 April, 2017

Vasakhi, the formation of the Sikh Khalsa Army (Akaal Purkh Di Fauj) – voluntary army of the Sikh people, comes around the time of spring.

Vasakhi, April 13th and 14th also celebrates the traditional seasonal Harvest festival of Punjab and this day is celebrated by farmers in Punjab and surrounding areas and Sikhs across the world. The harvesting of wheat is started at this time in Punjab and it is considered a harbinger of wealth and prosperity. It is important and celebrated by all Punjabi Sikh communities across the world, but for the Khalsa it has a special significance.

On this day the Khalsa Army was formed by the Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He Baptised Five Beloved Ones - Panj Payaras - and formed The Khalsa Army. This initiation ceremony happens when a Sikh joins the Khalsa Army and takes Amrit and the Oath and becomes  Khalsa Soldier also referred to as a Amritdhari soldier.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave a distinct uniform to the Khalsa Army - a blue Turban and a blue bana (uniform) and the blue flag with a white Khanda (symbol) in the centre, this flag represents the Khalsa Army and Sikh nation, the 5 Kakkars or symbols necessary for the strength and unity of the Khalsa Army, and the 5 basic prayers. Vasakhi celebrates the formation Anniversary of the Khalsa Army. It is customary on this day for the Sikhs to assemble together in the Gurdwara to offer prayers.

On this day the colour blue has a special significance – this is the colour of the Sikh flag with a Khanda (Sikh symbol) in its centre.

The Khalsa Army have played a significant part in liberating Northern India (Greater Punjab), they fought the Mughal Empire and have also fought in the two World Wars alongside the allied forces.

A Khalsa is a protector of the Sikh nation and humanity, all Khalsa Soldiers are Sikhs but not all Sikhs are Khalsa.

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